Friday, July 16, 2010

In the show Mad Men, the writers have their characters displaying the real "unsugar coated" lives that the people lead during the 1960s. They show the methods of abortions, the countless drinks during a regular work day, and the hidden secrets every family had. I find it so interesting how they have this show, without any cheesy, fabricated interpretations. In the current episode I'm watching for Season 2, Don Draper, the main character; "Ad Man" is at a doctor's appointment admitting to how much alcohol he consumes on a regular basis, and how naive the doctors were at this time. During this era, people would drink as many as five drinks a day without a moment's thought, and go through pack(s) of cigarettes a day.

I read in a book about Audrey Hepburn how she would drink scotch on a regular basis and smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, but of course never thought anything of it. I find this so fascinating how much our sciences and studies have improved with time, and how much more aware we are as to what harm these do to the body.

As much as I love this time, I can't even imagine having this many drinks a day, let alone cigarettes, especially given that I've never tried that. It's interesting to think of for a moment, isn't it?