Monday, October 18, 2010

Mad Men Finale...WOW!

So, I DOUBT I'm the only one out there who dropped jaw when Don proposed to that naive secretary of his! I literally squealed with shock at the sudden seemingly impulsive decision. However...on to other, more important matters (in my eyes)...the clothes!!!

We all knew that Joan kept Roger's baby, though she fibbed about it, BUT you could really start to see it in this episode. She's a voluptuous woman, there's no doubt about that, but the best thing about her figure is she can pull off those '60s dresses with the form-fitting waist lines, and high necked collars without any unflattering areas showing. EXCEPT...if you notice her in this same style dress she always can see a tiny bump below. Which, I feel is somewhat interesting that she'd wear that (her character, not what Janie Bryant chose) because obviously Roger would know it's his, and notice it instantly.

Next, Betty, whom I've developed a strong dislike for, looked fabulous as always though. I loved how her classic red lipstick didn't make an appearance in this past episode; it was more of a spring pink color, which is a color that evolved after the '50s housewife motif. Props to Betty for keeping up with the times!

Then last, but certainly not least...though I dislike the secretary...who's alleged name is said to be Megan...she did have quite the flair of outfits in this episode as well. I loved the play of the floppy hat in the swimming pool, the hot pink dress with cinched waist line, and the black evening gown with an embellishing neckline. She moved up half a centimeter on my "like" list for her...ha. That's all!

Hope you enjoyed my analysis on tv's best show!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zanna Roberts Rassi is a '60s Girl!

Ms. Zanna, Fashion Editor at Marie Claire has a video posted of her going through her wardrobe of what she packs on her Fashion Week trips; New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Such a cute sense of style on that girl!

Throughout a lot of her styles, there is a little bit of influence from the '60s, which I love. The Tommy Hilfiger trench that she first shows is very London style in the '60s. Many women, and even men wore long trench coats, and long button up dresses, but Zanna knows the proper way to style hers by adding embellishments to flare it up a bit. My absolute favorite would have to be her Adam's press which is STUNNING! Betty Draper from the hit series Mad Men wore something similar in the Rome episode. Very '60s, and perhaps a little Roman influence, actually.

Enjoy the video!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Camilla Belle So Vintage

I know I've already posted about this, but Camilla Belle's appearance in Marie Claire when she did the vintage Dior shoot is still breathtaking. She looks absolutely stunning.

The stylist pinned the '40s look so well with her dark curled hairstyle, small-frame hats, and perfect-fitting jackets and skirt. This was such a good article. Katy Perry's music video for "Thinking of You" has her looking very similar to this. Her makeup, hair, and everything from her clothes to her saddle shoes looks straight from the 1940s. I think it is one of the best eras.

The Rat Pack is Back!

Last September for my birthday I saw The Rat Pack is Back is Las Vegas, and they were AMAZING! They pinned the original Rat Pack image to a tee! I encourage anyone to see them perform. You won't be disappointed. Each character really nailed that look and demeanor of the real guys, which made the show all the more worth while.

Be sure to check them out!

Monday, August 30, 2010

January Jones Emmy Dress!

How we love that ice queen, Mrs. Betty Draper, but we sure did love her even MORE at the Emmy's last night! Her Versace gown was absolutely stuuuun-ning! Thought I'd include a pic so you all can vouch for yourselves!

Across the Universe Clothing!!!

I just LOVE the movie Across the Universe, ESPECIALLY because of the clothes!! They're so retro. Here's a picture of one of my favorite actresses, Evan Rachel Woods from the hippie. Gosh I love this girl!