Friday, July 16, 2010

Camilla Belle Looking More Stunning Than Ever!

Miss Camilla Belle appeared in an issue of Marie Claire back in October of 2009 and is completely dipped from head-to-toe in '40s attire. She has her gorgeous pinned hat, and a Dior twill jacket in one photo, and another Dior fur-collared jacket in another with the classic '40s look. Camilla is so lucky to be one of those girls who just captured that old-fashioned look to the tee; not only does she have that slender body type, but she also has that vintage girly look about her.

This hairstyle is very easy to achieve with a little KMS smoothing wax, Bumble "Does it All" hairspray, and a few hot rollers to really set that look. City Salon in Huntington Beach has every product one could ever ask for! Stop by and inquire about this look!

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