Monday, June 14, 2010

Can you dig it?

During the '60s there was a specific group of people who were all involved in the same activities, from music, to clothes, to lifestyle; these people were referred to as "hippies". There was a certain style of dress that these people would adhere to, and it has been progressively making its way back into modern day dress. From bangles, to long shear scarves, loose braids, head wraps, and loose, flowing clothing. This is personally some of my favorite styles. Many different kinds of styles were seen throughout the sixties. A lot of the hippie style is being brought back into out society, as rightfully so.

Peace and Love!☮

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mad Men Fashion File

'Mad Men' is a show on today that takes place in the '60s, and the clothing that the characters wear in this show are so fantastic. They capture the look of the '60s so well and it further proves my theory that clothes from this era have always worked best with a woman's figure.

One of the main characters, Joan, is a voluptuous woman and she solely wear wrap dresses or a pencil skirt and matching blouse. She always looks classy, she always has style, and she has never looked better. Another main character, Betty Draper, played by January Jones is primarily seen in the classic A-line dress, an evening gown, or even sometimes her horse riding gear.

Nevertheless, every character in this television show is paired with an amazing ensemble that gracefully fits their body type, even the men! I highly recommend getting as hooked on this show as I am...the clothes aren't the only good thing about this show!

Here is the site to the inside wardrobe scoop!