Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting that Vintage Look Comes Down to Hair Also....

I am a huge fan of the '60s hairstyles, but I'm especially fond of the big back-combed, or teased hair that Nancy Sinatra fronts, or Doris Day, lovely Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffanys, Marlo Thomas, and anybody else.

A favorite technique that I love to do that is the easiest and is especially good for those days that your hair won't cooperate or you didn't have time to wash it, is to just playfully pin it up. Here are the steps I used to get my hair how it is in the photos that I'll try to post.

1. If you have bangs pin them down in front and mess with those later, or part your hair on the side if you want hair framing your face.
2. Take a rat-tail or turtle-tail comb and piece the first layer of hair directly behind your hairline with your bangs and pull them over your forehead to go back to later, along with the bangs or as your first layer.
3. Take the next layer that you pieced out behind that, spray the roots with Bumble and Bumble hairspray or Tresemme hairspray at the roots and comb your hair against the direction it grows towards your roots.
4. Begin backcombing either towards the end of the hair your holding up if you want a big tease, or just a little short backcomb at the roots for a smaller backcomb.
5. Do as many layers that you want until you get to about the crown or a little further behind and your hair should all be pushed over your forehead, so spray the back lightly to make it hold.
6. Then flip it back over and take a soft bristle brush and lightly comb over the top to make it perfectly rounded and soft.
7. Whatever you'd like to do with the front hair, pin it up too and spray, put behind your ear, or what have you.
8. Now take a bobby pin and pull your hair back as if to do a half ponytail and twist slightly and put bobbypin up towards the twist, then curl the bottom part if you'd like and randomly pin up the curls and spray. This will work better if it's curled because you can gently pull it up.
9. Do this until all of your hair is somehow twisted up and pulled back then top it off with a big bow on the side or a flower.
10. Voila!!

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